In the comic entitled “Op-art” by Marjane Satrapi, it shows how a place or certain institution, group and the belief towards war can influence people’s points of view by contrasting the guesses of one person and what happens in the process of speech.

At first, the belief towards war influence the person’s points of view most as well. Although his attitude towards the institution and group there has changed, he still express his opposition against the war. The bomb is not a gift to people suffering from war.

The person in the comic “Op-art” is influenced also by the place and institution he is going to visit—West Point. It is a place symbolizing the American armed forces as there are thousands of soldiers trained there. Because the West Point Military Academy is a concentrated expression of the American spirit and American values belonging to soldiers , this school also advocates national heroes or heroic spirits. Therefore, it is natural for a speaker to assume that he will not be welcomed if he is to give a speech that is against wars. Also, because there are harsh training and rules related to  West Point, he thinks that people there will be harsh to him.

澳洲IT代写_澳洲pte代考_代考一般多少钱Then, a certain group can impact what one thinks as well. Although West Point is a place and a institution, there are a lot of people in the institution. How the person in the comic “Op-art” is treated also influences how he think about his speech. Contrary to what he assumes, although there are harsh training and rules related to  West Point,  people there are not very harsh to him. He was allowed to smoke in fact.

To sum up, there are a lot of factors influencing the person, with the biggest influence as belief.