After reading Chapter 6: The Intimately Oppressed, I have to say that I have really learned a lot from it. At first, I learn the role of private property in one’s status within the society. It can be understood in this way that whether the private property is held in common and whether the families in the society are complicated and extensive or not will directly influence how the status of women and men will be in the due time. In the meantime, I learn that women have to take arms to defend themselves against attack. After all, to defend oneself against attack is an effective way in protecting herself, contributing to others’ awareness of her status in the end. As a matter of fact, each and every one in today’s society have to defend for themselves whenever their own rights and interests are violated by others. In so doing, they can really be the masters of their own life.

澳洲IT代写_澳洲pte代考_代考一般多少钱At the same time, several questions come to my mind after reading it. The first question is that what the great majority of women and slaves can do in order to fight for their own rights and get themselves rid of the inferiority they are confronted with. There is no doubt that such problem is a historical one and it is hard to be solved, but efforts still have to be made so as to benefit those people generations and generations to come. Secondly, I wonder what is the future trend of the position of women and men in the society and what can be done in order to strike a proper balance between the position of women and men at last. at that time, the whole society can develop better with the cooperation between women and men.

Last but not the least, I would like to talk more about what I like and dislike in this chapter. As for what I like in this chapter, what is a must to mention is that this chapter motivates me to think what I can do in order to make my value to the full play in the reality. Luckily, I am not living in a society with oppression and I am free to pursue what I am interested in so that I have greater possibility of achieving my value in the end. Besides, I as well like this chapter’s applying a lot of real examples from various different exterior sources so as to enrich this chapter, which enables me to better understand the status of women. However, what is a pity to say is that I don’t like the submerged status of women mentioned in the chapter, especially the status of the slave women. Just take the expression “slave women faced a double oppression” in this chapter as an example, the inferior position of women in the society can be readily detected. Based on this, it is not hard to find that there is still long way for the slave women to go if they would like to avoid the oppression.