Like influences on personality, social environmental influences of the changes and trends of human behaviour that relate with their immediate surroundings links to how we live in a society. The rapid development of society, economy, culture and politics have provided a broader space for personal development. The overall quality of life is constantly improving, and the individual’s desire to achieve better lives is gradually increasing after meeting basic needs. In this unprecedentedly open and fast-developing society driven by fashion, everyone is empowered to pursue self-improvement and fulfilment.

澳洲IT代写_澳洲pte代考_代考一般多少钱Studies have shown that fashion plays a vital role in ensuring the well-being of a person through their mental pursuit (Gurney, et al., 2016). For example, with the highest resolution Retina display, multitasking, high-definition camera, countless applications and powerful networking features, iPhone has become the new fashion for the masses, replacing the previous fashion of the iPod, and bringing significant improvements to people’s quality of life. The success of the iPhone illustrates Apple’s accurate grasp of the consumer’s inner needs. The pursuit of high performance and the emphasis on self-potency have become the basis for self-realization for modern people, and it has become the best entry point for enterprises and businesses to use fashion consumption to cater to consumers.

Meanwhile, fashion communication in any era inevitably brings social problems such as over-consumerism, social stratification, and even discrimination. A study by (Kozlowski, Bardecki & Searcy, 2012) established that fashion has played a major role in deteriorating global social and environmental issues. The lack of sustainable resource in the fashion industry is a core-contributing factor to the exploitation of the environment. However, there is not a definite causal relationship between fashion and the series of social problems. Fashion is essentially a cultural phenomenon, a set of beliefs and values that has a great effect on people’s behaviors and thinking process (Gurney, et al., 2016).

Fashion can exert the positive energy in society as well, based on a different definition and interpretation of its meaning in society. For instance, in 2016, the leadership forum held in Copenhagen discussed the need to ensure sustainability in the industry (Guercini, Runfola & Baraldi, 2015). These efforts ensure that the fashion industry provides economic, social and environmental benefits to the consumers and improve their general wellbeing. From luxury, to leisure and entertainment, and finally to an environmentally-friendly life, the evolution of the concept of a fashionable life is the result of the changing mind of the people.