There is a question that almost every person has been asked during his or her school life, “what do you want to be in the future?” I have already heard a large number of blueprints in life from my friends and classmates. Some of them hope to be a well-known actor, some want to be the world’s richest businessman, and some prefer to be a scientist who can make contribution to the whole world. Compare to them, my answer seems to be too plain since few teachers responded it. Even so, I still want to say, I hope and I am going to be a lawyer. As the old Chinese saying goes, one may distinguish himself in any trade. I will try my best to be an excellent lawyer who enjoys great popularity.

In the movie We Bought a Zoo, Kelly Foster asked Benjamin Mee the reason why he decided to buy a dilapidated zoo, and Mee answered, “Why not?” As for me, lawyer is such a profession which enables me to make a living through protecting people’s legal right and interests, which is similar to a teacher, a doctor or a policeman. Different from the people in western countries whose level of legal awareness is high, it is the last thing for Chinese people to start a suit in a law court since we believe that harmony is the most precious. Therefore, there are numerous people in China who have no idea what to do when their legal rights are violated. In this way, it is valuable and meaningful for me to be a lawyer to speak for myself and for the people who need to be helped. What is more, the realization of Chinese Dream cannot be separated from legal construction. We Chinese people cannot hide our head in the sand, but confront reality that the democracy and rule of law in China need to be further improved and certain outstanding social issues are yet to be resolved. As a social member in China, I am willing to contribute my own efforts through taking part in the legal construction and realizing Chinese Dream.

To be a lawyer, there are several issues I have to figure out in the first place. Firstly, it is necessary for me to understand the relationship between law and morality. According to Roscoe Pound (185), the relation of law to morals was one of the three subjects chiefly debated by jurists in 19th century. Law has tight relation with morality, they not only have object and aim in common, but also conflict with each other in term of certain issues. It is easy to achieve personal satisfaction when we deal with the cases when law is positively related with morality. For example, it is likely for a lawyer to receive wide appreciation if he helps a poor labor gain compensation after the labor is illegally laid off. At the same time, it would be difficult for a lawyer to handle the case if his act of agency tends to be conflict with morality. For instance, I will suffer from huge psychological struggle if I need to speak for a murder, a rapist, an arsonist or other criminals. Consequently, I need to take time in learning how to be a lawyer and to be what kind of lawyer. Secondly, it is also necessary for me to learn to protect myself. Lawyers have their professional risks. Recently, a relative of mine who works as a lawyer told me that a young lawyer was warned by the bar association, because he gave three pairs of socks to his client when he came to the detention center and visited him. As a consequence, a lawyer has to understand and comply with the rules, which is critical to his or her professional career.

In order to make my life dream come true, I need to firstly have a good command of legal knowledge through learning law in college and reading lawbooks during the spare time. I hope to be a great lawyer who is able to masterly adduce articles of law. In the meantime, I also need to attach importance to legal practice. It is useful and significant for me to apply for internship in law offices or courts during the holidays since practice is not as same as theory. I hope that I could pass the judicial examination when I am in the third year of college, and then I could be an apprentice lawyer when I am in the fourth year of college.

As Dr. Martin Luther King said, “Be the best of whatever you are”. Lawyers tend to be a normal part of the society, but I still could realize the value of life through becoming the lawyer I want to be.